Resource Guide: Structuring Stories

Structuring a Story

Purdue OWL summary of Inverted Pyramid story structure:

Houston Community College guide to structuring news stories:

Middle Tennessee University summary of inverted pyramid structure, with examples:

Book Chapter: "The Power of Framing: New Challenges for Researching the Structure of Meaning in News”:

Writing a Lead

Purdue OWL guidelines for writing a lead:,Conflict%3A%20Good%20stories%20have%20conflict.

Northern Michigan University types of leads (short version):

Textbook chapter on types of leads (with examples):

Vetting Sources and Doing Research

Mind Over Chatter (free media literacy mini-course from the University of Indiana):

Cornell University Guide to News Research:

The Journalist’s Resource (research for journalists):

NYU Handbook for Journalism Students:

Language and Journalism

AP Stylebook (style guide for most major news outlets):

IMA's Language Statement (including why we don't always adhere to AP Stylebook): Language Statement

Conference on College Composition and Communication statement on Black Linguistic Justice (with sources for background reading):

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