Answers to the question: “Who killed Donnie Sanders?” may come from an outside agency: the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Andrei Stoica

10/13/2020- Kansas City, Missouri

Signs held by friends of Donnie Sanders at an earlier protest

Photo by Andrei Stoica

The investigation into the Kansas City, Missouri police shooting of Donnie Sanders was handed over to the Missouri State Highway Patrol on Tuesday after the Jackson County prosecutor’s office finished their investigation. Sanders was killed by an officer on the evening of March 12, 2020. The officer has not been charged yet, and the police department does not publicly release names unless charged after an investigation is completed.

The question about the identity of Sanders' killer is also one echoed by activists, alongside his family. Today, in a press conference held at the “People’s City” protest area in front of KCMO City Hall the protesters announced they might have an answer to that question. The occupation protest was started after a KCMO police officer was filmed kneeling on the back of a pregnant Black woman. The conference announced a source the protesters believe to be reliable alleging it was the same officer involved in both incidents. While the investigation from the prosecutor has come to a close, names from the investigation will not be made public by the prosecutor’s office unless charges are brought forward--a possibility depending on the findings from the Highway Patrol.

Published on: 10/14/2020