Team HONK Releases Demands to KCMO, KCMO PD, County

Brynn Laurel

10/14/2020- Kansas City, Missouri

Troy Robertson of Team HONK/HONQ speaking in front of KCMO PD headquarters

Photo by Andrei Stoica

Today, Wednesday, October 14, Team HONK/HONQ, an organization headed by Troy Robertson, issues a list of demands at a press conference this morning. The demands follow an occupation at 35th and Prospect in response to Kansas City, Missouri police department's continued altercations with Robertson and his group, including in the incident on September 30 that led to a KCPD officer putting his knee in the back of Deja Stallings, a Black woman who is nine months pregnant.

The group released the following demands at the press conference, which was later released on Facebook:

-A KC Tips Hotline fund, offering $25K reward for turning in corrupt/abusive officers

-“Three Strikes” rule for police misconduct

-A photo lineup of KCPD (2010 – present) to identify abusive officers

-BOPC review and investigate all videos of police brutality against Troy Robertson

-An increase of Black officers in KCPD by 30%

-Defunding of KCPD by 50% and invest in Black futures (divest/invest)

-Permanently ending cash bail

-Jackson County Detention Center be permanently closed

-A “Section 9” program – self-directed and community-monitored resource distribution for Black community

-Immediate reimbursement to Team Honk by KCPD & KCATA for property destroyed in three prior encampments

-Accessible wi-fi and technology resources for Black community

-KCATA replace all trash receptacles and increase trash removal service

Their demands were made with the support of Operation Liberation.

Published on: 10/14/2020