Swope Park rocked by evening gunfire that leaves multiple people injured

Andrei Stoica

9/6/2020- Kansas City, Missouri

Police vehicle behind the gates to Swope Park

Swope Park, at around 9 pm September 6th 2020 was the scene of heavy gunfire.

The shots were fired at a group gathered at the park with their vehicles. In videos captured at the scene you can hear multiple rounds go off for almost a minute.

There are confirmed reports that at least one person was taken to Research Medical Center. Unconfirmed sources mention that there could be five people who were injured.

9/7/2020 4:00 pm Update:

As of Monday morning the police said there were a total of six individuals with non life-threatening injuries. Five were originally reported with the sixth driving themselves to the hospital later. The shots seem to have rang out after 8:30 pm in an area close to the main entrance. This is an ongoing investigation.

Published on 9/7/2020

Updated 4:00 pm 9/7/2020