Protesters Occupy Outside City Hall, KCMO

Andrei Stoica and Brynn Laurel

10/3/2020- Kansas City, Missouri

Protestors have set up an occupation outside KCMO City Hall. Photo from 10/03/2020.

Photo by Andrei Stoica

Protesters have now occupied in front of Kansas City, Missouri City Hall for 24 hours, demanding the removal of Police Chief Rick Smith as well as Officer Newton, who was the officer involved in pinning a nine-month pregnant Black woman to the ground and putting his knee in her back while arresting her. Organizers have said they plan to occupy until both staff members are removed.

After threats from the police on Friday night and early Saturday morning that those camping on city hall property would be removed, Mayor Quinton Lucas gave his assurances to protesters that their occupation was permitted as long as it remained peaceful and would not be interfered with at this time.

The city held a press conference about the incident, which was followed by a Friday morning press conference of local community organizers calling for greater reform, accountability, and an end to police violence against Black people in Kansas City. Following that press conference, protestors gathered at Kansas City Police Headquarters at 1125 Locust for the regular Friday night protest.

Following that event, attorney and activist Stacy Shaw announced that protesters would no longer accept the city and police department ignoring their demands, and thus they would be occupying City Hall until their demands are met.

Organizers have already developed a check-in system for tent access and stated Saturday night that they were working on other logistics, such as bathroom and shower access, in preparation to continue their occupation until at least Monday night—or until Smith and Newton are removed.

Published on: 10/3/2020