The first March on Kansas City for Peace and Justice took place Friday, ending at the WWI Memorial in Kansas City Missouri

Andrei Stoica

9/4/2020- Kansas City, Missouri

Marchers make their way past the T-Mobile center on their way to Liberty Memorial

The first March on Kansas City took place September 4th, 2020 following the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington. The Kansas City event was in part organized by the SCLC Greater Kansas City chapter and Urban League of Greater Kansas City. The marchers, a group of a few hundred people started from 12th and Locust, in front of city hall, turned left on Grand and continued to the steps of the WWI Memorial.

Speakers including families of police shooting victims, local activists and congressman Emanuel Cleaver II took the podium at Liberty Memorial to address the crowd.

Group of marchers gather to listen to speeches on the lawn of the WWI museum in KCMO for the first March on Kansas City

March participant holding sign at March on Kansas City

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II speaks to crowd in front of Liberty Memorial

Published on 9/6/2020