KCMO occupy city hall protest heads into third day

Andrei Stoica

10/4/2020- Kansas City, Missouri

Check in desk at the occupation protest outside KCMO City Hall. Photo from 10/04/2020.

Photo by Andrei Stoica

The protesters in front of the Kansas City Missouri city hall are now in the middle of day 3 of occupation. The area has seen sustained presence since Friday with people setting up tents and facilities that evening.

The area now has a new check in desk where people wanting to join are logged for security reasons and anyone in the area also must to wear a mask at all times and have their temperature checked when entering.

Some of the facilities set up on site include a library, first aid area and bins of blankets and hand warmers.

Food and water has been provided throughout the weekend and so far there have been no instances of violence or vandalism here at the "People's City" as the area is called by the activists.

Published on: 10/4/2020