Independent Media Association is supported through volunteer time provided by associates and contributors and by contributions from the community.

Our Patreon has one tier of support with multiple suggested amounts (all will get you the same perks). There is no exclusive press hidden behind any paywall. We believe in access to news for everyone, and intend to make the information easily available to anyone.

Our long-term goal is to be able to provide ongoing support to cover some of the transportation costs, equipment costs, and time for the IMA team.

Current needs:

  • $50 for a second gimbal, so we can run two streams at once (gimbals help stabilize video during streaming)

Through a recruitment effort over the past several months, IMA has brought on several new contributors and two new associates, who are currently training to conduct livestream coverage of Kansas City events and write articles to help provide deeper context for ongoing issues.

All team members currently volunteer their time. The limits of our capacity are currently maxed out.

Your support on Patreon will help cover the purchase of basic equipment so we can train more citizen journalists as our team grows, cover travel costs to and from events for our team, and help partially compensate the time our team members contribute to IMA coverage.

If you want to be part of our work but for any reason can’t contribute financially, consider sharing this message with someone you know who supports community-centered journalism. You can also contribute your time to help us cover more important stories for the community.


IMA Editorial Team

Rebecca Brynn Andrei Nyonu