PRESS RELEASE: Starbucks Workers Seal Victory in Independence MO Union Election

Press Release

5/24/2022 - Independence, Missouri

Workers at 18710 E. 39th St. Starbucks won their union election today by a tally of 17-3. This store becomes the first unionized Starbucks in MO and the second KC Metro area Starbucks store to have a union election. The first Starbucks store at 75th & i-35 in Overland Park, KS initially won their election 6-1 on April 8, but the results were objected to by Starbucks attorneys. Workers at 75th & i-35 still await a resolution to their election results. 39th & Arrowhead's victory is the third Midwest Starbucks store to win their union election today, following two other victories that occurred earlier in the day in Columbus and Cleveland, OH.

Workers from E. 39th expressed:

“We are thrilled with the results of today’s vote count. Today our voices have been heard by the NLRB. Tomorrow our voices will be heard by Starbucks in collective bargaining. We hope this win sparks a union rally across KC and Missouri and continues the push across the nation. Today we’ve made it clear that our store manager, district manager, regional manager, and Howard Schultz himself have to listen to us and finally respect us as workers. We encourage not just every Starbucks store but every service industry store, auto shop, law firm and all jobs in between to join the labor fight. It’s time for all baristas, mechanics, lawyers, and even strippers to stand up to not only their bosses but also Washington to say the working class runs this country and we mean business.”

Workers United International Vice President Kathy Hanshew shared:

“We are extremely proud to welcome the workers of Starbucks in Independence into our union. By winning today, they overcame months of anti-union attacks that we believe will be ruled illegal by the NLRB. As Starbucks continues to lose their senseless war against their own workers, they will become more and more desperate, and will continue to employ such despicable tactics. However, the Starbucks bosses are no match for this new generation of union activists, and no match for a united labor movement that is steadfast in its commitment to stand with them. All power to the Starbucks workers! This is a huge step forward for their movement and for all workers in Missouri and the Midwest.”

Published on 5/25/2022